Dine Out
Some of us meet at local restaurants or hotels to enjoy a night out relaxing and sharing with great company. This is normally on the first Thursday of each month. (Contact Lyn)

Lunchtime Dining
Another enjoyable meal out for our members on the first Tuesday of each month, with separate, (but close together) venues for men and women to have their own clicks.(Contact Jan)

A small group of our Probus members meet at Warragul Golf Country Club every Friday morning at about 8.30 am. For W.G.C.C. members it is free, while non-members may join the group by paying green fees.

NOT just a good walk spoiled……………… ALL ARE MOST WELCOME (Contact Bob)

Garden Group
The two garden group organisers spend much time finding interesting gardens for Ranges members to visit each month on Thursday morning. We take a picnic lunch to enjoy at one of the gardens. Also, we sometimes organise a day to go further afield to some more special garden or function/attraction. (Contact Joan)

Book Group
How about a nice quiet read and absorbing the relaxation of a great story? Or maybe have a good discussion about the meaning of that paragraph or chapter. But this is followed of course by a good strong cuppa and a B.Y.O. lunch. The third Monday is the slot for this one. (Contact Susan)

Some of us waste our time with an exciting game or two of cards. If you can’t play, don’t worry. There’s always someone there willing and able to offer help, so come along and join the fun. This is run twice a month on 2nd and 4th Monday. (Contact Bruce)

Our trip organisers work several months ahead to plan excursions locally, in the city or within a day away. Once a year a five-day bus trip is planned, often interstate. These are great opportunities to get together with our Probus friends. (Contact Jenny)

Armchair Travel

There is often someone who loves to share their travel experiences with the rest of us. just relax in an armchair, ( maybe a folding stool), and dream away a lovely exotic trip or two. (Contact Jan)

Movie Goers

Attend selected movies with Probus friends each month. Movie, dates and times will vary according to the cinema program and will be advised. (Contact Chris)

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